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About Us

The Mission of the Penn Cove Water Festival Association is to continue an annual revival of the historic Coupeville Water Festival by bringing families together to enjoy Native American canoe racing, entertainment, crafts and culture and by giving them a chance to learn about, appreciate, and protect the environment in which we all live.

Board of Directors

President – Gary Piazzon
Vice President- Richard Knodel
Secretary – Vacant
Treasurer - Crystal Farnham
Native American Advisor – Lou Labombard
Event Planner - Nora Durand
Art Liaison - Michael Ferri
Angie Contreras
Mike Champion
Michele McEuen
Tish Finnigan
Vicky Reyes

Dancers on stage
Child wearing traditional Native dancing outfit

Festival Leads

Arts & Crafts Vendors Lead - Jett Gulbronsen
Arts & Cra
fts Vendors Co-Lead - Donna Shutt
Bread Committee Lead - Vivian Rogers Decker
Educational Exhibitors - Educational Exhibitors
Entertainment - Lou Labombard
Facebook - Susan Berta
Food Vendors Lead - Vicky Reyes
Hospitality for Entertainers, Pullers & Volunteers - Vivian Rogers Decker
Information Booth - Michele McEuen
Operations/Logistics Lead - Richard Knodel
Operations/Facilities - Nora Durand
Parking - Parking
Public Awareness - Michele McEuen
Publicity - Nora Durand
Race & Canoe Safety Coordinator - Gary Piazzon
Radio Communication - Ricardo Reyes
Samish Nation Advisor - Rosie James
Signs - Mark Snyder
Team - Vicky Reyes & Nora Durand
T-Shirts - Michele McEuen & Tish Finnigan

Canoe Race Tribal Liaison - Susan Berta

Youth Activities - Angie Contreras
Volunteer Coordinators - Dianna Piazzon & Judy Kaplan
Web Administrator - Mike Champion

10 canoes racing

Want to Get Involved?

The Penn Cove Water Festival couldn't happen without the help of Volunteers. 

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